LATEST TRENDS – Always summer: interior decorations somewhere between the jungle and the meadow

Keeping living plants at home involves watering them frequently and not going away on holiday for too long. However, you can bring the same atmosphere into your room without the effort with a themed interior design. The key to this is primarily the colour green. Those who are feeling brave will paint the whole room in a matt shade with grey or blue tones. If you are feeling a little more hesitant, turn a single wall into a jungle scene or use accessories from the botanical colour palette. Also on trend are printed rugs that turn your room into a clearing in the thick undergrowth, hiding a few cockatoos behind palm leaves and vines. The tropical trend also carries through to accessories. Miniature glasshouses, decorative zinc watering cans or Colonial style small-scale furniture evoke warmer climes; bamboo, rattan and cork remind you of the materials used in a beach hut. Perfectionists also play a matching soundtrack – welcome to your private green space.

You don’t have to do the whole room: a few leaves and fern fronds printed on the wall have an impact on the interior’s atmosphere.

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