LATEST TRENDS – Fifty Shades of White: A Combination of Light Grey, Cream and Linen White

Grey is to interiors what the little black dress is to fashion: it always looks good and never goes out of style. In contrast to white, grey appears less cold and rarely too bright. Beige, on the other hand, has long been considered old-fashioned. And has been underestimated as a result, since off-white on a brown base brings warmth and tranquillity into any room. The trend agenda is bringing beige and cream back this year as a wall colour and textiles, with wood, linen and ceramics. We don’t need to get rid of the cooler shades though, since together they make an excellent combination. Earthy and sandy tones meet cold shades such as stone and metal. Materials, colours and textures make an interesting mix, especially if silk is combined with wool or rattan meets shiny gold. Among themselves, natural tones remain almost ethereally neutral, with the juxtaposition of patterns or strong colours providing additional character.

Warm tones can be added accessory by accessory. Starting with a neutral grey/white interior, sophisticated accents can be set in beige. ©shutterstock

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