LATEST TRENDS – Fold up and go: the new multi-function furniture for urban nomads

A culture of modern nomadism has established itself in metropolitan areas in particular. It stems from frequent changes in jobs and locations, a lack of living space and the growing realisation that ownership ties you down. Large wall units can’t easily be moved from flat-share to flat-share and certainly not from Paris to Tokyo. That’s why an entire generation is adapting, increasingly relying on borrowing rather than on buying, and allows only those things into their lives that suit these turbulent times. Fold-away furniture and multi-functional objects are gaining ground because one thing is clear: what these modern nomads don’t want is to go without. That’s why sociable evenings often end on modern interpretations of folding chairs for example. Once the guests leave, the chairs also disappear back into storage. The table, too, follows the principle of one for all: the interpretation by the two young designers Iva Coskun and Marie Kurstjens for example, folds flat with just one hand thanks to a clever hinge in the frame.

The “Das Haus” installation at the imm furniture fair showed that these days, less is more. However, what you do own can be folded down or away or rolled up.

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