LATEST TRENDS – Furniture without corners or edges: interiors with soft lines

Post-modern minimalism was embodied by marble and metal, hard edges and cubic forms. However, for many, this rational style has lost some of its shine. Since we appear to be heading for stormy times, many people are making themselves more comfortable in their own homes. This means that interiors are becoming more fluid and exhibiting organic curves and dynamic undulations, with a return to tactile surfaces and soft lines. This new cosiness is akin to wellness for the home and presents itself in the form of a round rug, an oval side table or a curved sofa landscape. What’s especially pleasing is that the trend for curves doesn’t require any consistencies in style. A round item can simply be placed next to an angular item, and it’s precisely this combination that creates a balance with energy. You can then add personality with colour. Powdery pastels create the dramatic composition of a sumptuous cloudscape, using contrasts in block colours cheerfully exaggerates the geometry, while muted shades ensure inviting elegance.

Curves don’t just look good in the living room and bedroom – soft forms also provide attractive elegance in the bathroom.  ©koelnmesse, photo: Andres Reisinger

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