LATEST TRENDS – Hello Lagom! The latest Scandinavian trends

When winter finally bows out and spring arrives, that’s when Scandinavia makes its trend predictions for interior design. The Stockholm Furniture Fair takes place every February and as such is one of the initial driving forces for the new design year. What’s immediately noticeable about the 2020 version is the refocus on colour. Whereas Sweden was previously known as the origin of pastel and muted colour trends, much stronger tremors were detected on the colour seismographs in many places. Bold block colours such as a strong blue – the Pantone colour of the year 2020 – were scattered among the powdery tones. Less surprising was the continued love of materials such as rattan and wood, but now they are as unobtrusive as in Japanese minimalism. Silhouettes are reduced to basic geometric forms and furniture structures are reduced to a few orthogonal bars. However, to keep things feeling cosy, the trend for plants has become more extreme. Instead of individual pots, large planters provide whole meadows as well as lounge landscapes.

Recently, interiors have been somewhat ethereal in terms of colour and materials. Now they are being infiltrated by graphical accents and decorative statements in addition to on-trend colours such as strong blue. ©shutterstock

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