LATEST TRENDS – Light letters for the home: neon lights bridging art and lighting

Light can do more than simply illuminate dark corners, it creates atmosphere in a room or makes a sculptural statement. With the triumphal march of LEDs and the end of light bulbs, a different source of light is returning to the fore whose decorative qualities are especially impressive: neon lights. No longer cold, flickering corridor lights, they are now individual objets d’art. Their production alone is a real craft. Neon light glass making dates back to the start of the 20th century. It drifted out of focus for a while, but today its individuality is highly valued once again. Whether as letters or complex graphics, in principle anything is possible from a sophisticated accent to a wall-sized installation. If you have a preference for white, you can also change the room’s atmosphere just by flicking a switch. After all, the slim tubes become instantly invisible against white walls but when illuminated, they become an all-eclipsing work of art.

Neon signs are lights with poster qualities that bring light to the wall and are thus eye-catching in any interior. ©shutterstock

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