LATEST TRENDS – More sea: the ocean as inspiration

Wouldn’t it be lovely if you could simply take the sea home with you this year after your holiday? You’re not the first person to feel this way. Many designers and furniture manufacturers are looking at the ocean this year and bringing it onshore as an armchair in the shape of a shell, lights that remind you of sea urchins, or plants suspended in nets. Even Pantone has chosen a colour that evokes water as its Colour of the Year 2019. Living Coral is a bright red that sits between orange, yellow and pink and goes especially well with the cool tones of the ocean. Painting a whole room in a shade of blue quickly creates a below zero atmosphere; lamps that refract the light remind you of the reflections created by gentle waves. Accessories made of macramé give the room the final touch; natural textiles such as indigo-coloured jute or natural materials such as rattan and bamboo remind you of the furniture from your last trip to the beach.

The colour selection itself provides a marine atmosphere. Washed-out indigo shades in conjunction with natural materials have a calming effect like a beach holiday. ©shutterstock

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