LATEST TRENDS – Over the moon – 50 years after the first moon landing and galactic living trends

The voyage to the moon changed our view of the earth for ever. From up high, our planet looked like a solitary blue ball floating in an infinite expanse – whereas down here, nothing seemed impossible any more. Futurism has also been a design topic since 16th July, 1969. It has been enjoying a revival in recent years and with the 50th anniversary of the Apollo mission. Tributes to the earth, moon and stars are referenced both literally and figuratively. Ethereal glass furniture and sideboards or sofas levitating on slender frames remind us of zero gravity; luminous spheres and galactic rugs bring the moon and stars down from the sky into our living room. There’s a touch of mysticism there too, with dark colours, metallic accents and high-gloss surfaces, whereas a monochrome colour scheme pushes the room’s limits to infinity.

The moon is subtly referenced with grey walls which remind us of the surface of our satellite and appropriate artwork. ©shutterstock

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