LATEST TRENDS – Rattan and Bamboo Revisited: Contemporary Classics

In the 60s and 80s, rattan was a popular material for furniture between the garden and the living room. Then we had enough of it, called it “eco” or worthy, and gave up the natural material in favour of steel, glass and plastic. We also forgot about its positive properties: rattan palms absorb carbon and grow quickly; they are also stable and light yet flexible. Now that sustainability has become a standard requirement for our furniture, rattan is once again gaining attention. Not only due to its inner values, but also its aesthetics, which are distinguished by inspiring shapes, decorative silhouettes and transparent wickerwork. Added to this is the narrative manufacturing process, since most products are manufactured from the wood of the calamus rotang palm using sensitive manual labour. Besides rattan, bamboo is also popular again and is proving to be a modern furniture material that offers warm comfort both inside and out.

In their natural habitat: rattan and bamboo combined with textiles and decoration turn your garden into a cosy comfort zone. ©shutterstock

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