LATEST TRENDS – Rustic tableware – chalet-chic for urban culinarians

Delicate porcelain with gold edges that has to be washed by hand has been pushed to the back of our kitchen cupboards in recent years. These days, the trend is moving towards plates that look as if they were made by your kids. The new table culture started in the area of fine dining. Rough wooden boards, freely formed bowls and asymmetric serving dishes remind us of farm houses and country life and their aesthetics bring a decelerated and relaxed atmosphere to the table. Rustic tableware tells the tale of slow food, local products and the secrets of simple and traditional cuisine which even city folk have an affinity with. In keeping with the theme, the colours are earthy from stone blue to brown to slate grey. Accompanying these hand-made ceramics are rough wood, linen serviettes and enamelled cast iron. These items also work well on their own: placed on side tables or shelves, their archaic aesthetics impact the entire room, providing a contrast with minimalistic interiors.

It’s not just colours and forms that are becoming more rustic either, surfaces are no longer mirror-smooth. Glazes have the aesthetics of sand or rough brush strokes. ©shutterstock

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