LATEST TRENDS – Simply natural with wood and leather, jute and linen

Christmas is classically the celebration of simple materials and clear forms. During the weeks when we exchange gifts, they remind us of the inner values of the festivities, creating a sense of authentic cosiness around the tree. They are a stylish way of avoiding kitschy opulence, whilst also paving the way for one of the trends in the new year. Home environments are currently austere, reflecting the yearning for a life in harmony with nature. Natural classics such as jute, loden cloth, leather and wood are combined in classic Scandinavian style with metal, powdery tones and matt surfaces – or boldly with strong, fashionable shades such as signal red or ultramarine, staged with a high-shine finish.

Tinsel, only refined: Christmas dressed up in subtle shades, leaving lots of natural space for contemplation.©Shutterstock

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