LATEST TRENDS – Slow furniture in the spirit of sustainability: successfully recycled or produced locally

We’ve heard of slow food and slow fashion: movements focussing on mindfulness, sustainability and conscious consumption. The idea of slow furniture is the logical continuation of these in your own home and can make its entrance in different ways: second-hand furniture dealers, antique shops or even grandma’s storage room. Giving second-hand items a new life saves resources. On the other hand, if you must buy new, make sure you buy good quality furniture. This ensures that it will last and you won’t fall out of love with it over time. Classics such as Bauhaus furniture or remakes of Danish mid-century designs are especially suitable. Incidentally, they are also good designs to pass on as heirlooms – or to sell on without losing any value. The last tip for those who don’t want to miss out on contemporary design is to look around your own neighbourhood. Locally produced furniture saves transport and is often transparent in terms of the materials that are used and their origin.

Second-hand as a hidden resource: converting and upcycling are both strategies in the spirit of sustainability. ©shutterstock

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