LATEST TRENDS – The renaissance of the corner bench

Corner benches have an old-fashioned image. They were last popular as furniture for living rooms back when eat-in kitchens were still called parlours and their style tended to be somewhat rustic. There are many good reasons for thinking outside of the box when planning kitchens and this is precisely why the corner bench is currently making a comeback. It reminds us of the cosiness of grandma’s kitchen yet has a modern, smart image and is even a little unconventional. Corner benches represent sociability and with their inviting L-shape they always form a semi-circle. In contrast to sofas, seating space isn’t limited and there’s always room for one more if everyone moves more closely together. Even in the context of interiors, the angled bench is an efficient space sensation, fitting precisely into a corner that is otherwise difficult to fill.

The new models from the design manufacturer have completely shaken off their outdated image. ©Together by Walter Knoll

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